Welcome Back

It was a long hard fought campaign, and it produced quite a surprise, but you made it back.


Now it's time to pick up from the good work you started and look forward to serving your constituents for another five years. To help you do that, we are introducing a brand new version of CMITS that is designed to make the best of your existing data and give you additional tools, to better manage your casework and deliver a quality service to the residents of your constituency.


The new system builds on all the knowledge and experience we have gained dealing with staff and Members over the last parliamentary term, taking the many suggestions and wish list items and turning them into a reality. We will be rolling out the new system alongside the upcoming IT hardware refresh programme, so that users can take full advantage of the services integrated into the new parliamentary IT offering. Please take a moment to take a look at what the new system has to offer.

Helping your caseworkers to better serve your constituents

Case Management System

Maximum Benefit From Minimum Time Investment

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