You did it! The people have spoken and they chose you to represent their best interests for the next five years.


Now the hard work begins and we know how hectic the first few weeks can be, as you wait for an office and for all the things you need to get you and your team up and running. One of the key areas of work will be managing constituency casework and this is where CMITS can help. Having worked with Members and their staff for over a decade, we understand what it takes to manage communication between you and those that elected you to represent them.


New for 2015, we have a set of case management tools that build on all the knowledge and experience we have gained dealing with parliamentary casework. We are sure it will make the challenging task of dealing with the issues raised by constituents easier to manage, monitor and anylise, allowing you to focus on the key issues.

Helping your caseworkers to better serve your constituents

Case Management System

Maximum Benefit From Minimum Time Investment

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