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The key to good case management is work-flow, making sure that you can quickly record information, file it and take action accordingly. Sounds simple doesn't it? However, in amongst recording the information, it's important to have the confidence that behind the scenes, there is a system taking care of all the mundane stuff that whilst important, can be time consuming.


Having worked with members and their staff since 2002, we at CMITS have gathered a wealth of knowledge regarding case management specific to the needs of caseworkers in the UK parliament.  We have taken on board all of the suggestions, recommendations and comments and incorporated them into this brand new version.  It's an innovative, ground-breaking application, designed with the highest levels of efficiency at its core.


Dealing with over 65,000 constituents in the average constituency is, as you would imagine, a challenge. In the good old days when constituents wrote letters to MPs, it took a certain amount of effort to get around to penning a letter about a grievance. But now our digital age, including social media, has heralded a whole new level of access and expectation. The immediacy of the technology means that it's much easier to raise an issue and expectations of an instant reply have never been higher. Not only do you have to deal with individual email requests for help from constituents but also pressure groups are now very adept at mobilising your constituents to raise issues together. CMITS gives you the ability to quickly identify and respond to campaigns as well as individual constituents.


We'll begin by introducing  you to some of the key functions CMITS has to offer


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Maximum Benefit From Minimum Time Investment

Delivering Maximum Benefit From Minimum Time Investment


Helping your caseworkers to better serve your constituents

Visualise Your Data Geographically and in Charts

Integrated Mail-merge and Bulk Emailing


Comprehensive Case Review Options

Text Snippet Library and Case Profiles

Link Cases to Policy and Government Departments


Helping you to help those who elected you to serve.