Congratulations to all newly elected Members and welcome back to those who are returning to continue the good work to date.

Now the hard work begins and we are here to help you manage communication with the the constituents that have placed their trust in you to represent them over the next five years.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about CMITS. Since 2002, we have been delivering specialist services to Members of Parliament to assist them in the day to day management of key data.


Members and their staff work in a very demanding high pressure environment, where good information flow is the key to the efficient delivery of services to constituents. CMITS exists to help you do just that. The objective is to provide maximum benefit from minimum time investment.


We are really excited to introduce a brand new set of case management tools that look set to change the way Members and their staff communicate with constituents and manage key information.


Electoral Register Integration


Helping you to help those who elected you to serve.

CMITS offers full Electoral Register integration, giving you the option to add records to CMITS from the register or to manipulate the register itself enabling you to write to all constituents in a postcode or on a particular road. Traditionally, working with the electoral register can be troublesome, as it shows all registered voters at an address. CMITS gives you a Filter Households option, where it will address letters according to who lives at the selected address. For example, if all have the same surname, CMITS will address the letter to the Smith family. If there is more than one surname at the address, it will address letters to The Residents.

When time is your enemy, we've got your back

Single uncomplicated search

Single uncomplicated search

Keeping things simple

Geographical Data Analysis

Visualising Your Data

We believe that by simplifying the search options, its much quicker and easier to find what you need. Simply type in a name, part of a name, part of an address, email address or even a telephone number and CMITS will deliver a set of matching records. You have a simple toggle switch to allow you to search either constituents, or constituents and third party contacts. Taking things a step further, CMITS will at the same time identify what type of record it has found. Why waste time with multiple searches when one will do?

Keeping it simple

When searching for particular constituent records, how can you really be sure you have got the right Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones? Well, to save time (and potential embarrassment!) we have created a state of the art and foolproof facility. Simply click on the required name listed under “constituents” and CMITS will respond with a summary of the case to date, including all actions and correspondence taken. Thus, the identification process is complete. We’ve even included a pop-up map here, capable of honing in on individual streets.  Simple, effective and quite literally down to earth.

Mapping your data

To provide a better visual understanding of your data, CMITS offers a variety of mapping capabilities right down to street level. This can be really helpful when trying to identify geographical hotspots for case types, e.g. antisocial behaviour, positive outcomes etc.

Data Visualisation

As we all know, recording data can be a time consuming yet essential chore.  CMITS will give you the best use of your hard gathered information via our highly effective data analysis tools: not only standard reporting but also graphical representations.  Identifying the biggest issues of concern to your constituents has never been quicker or more straightforward. Even behavioural patterns in the data are revealed through graphical analysis giving greater understanding of, and planning for, your constituency, keeping you in the know.


Case Management System

Maximum Benefit From Minimum Time Investment